BalletX Summer Intensive

June 27, 2016


These past two weeks have challenged me as a dancer physically, mentally and artistically. I made life long friends and memories and experienced a whole new city that I will forever hold with me. As I approach the next step in my career, I feel more prepared and ready. I appreciated all of the wisdom that came from each teacher at this intensive. Hearing perspectives on how we could all give that extra ten percent at the end of every movement because it will transform the way a dancer moves stuck with me especially. Finding that spark of what makes you stand out at an audition and always approaching movement with intent are also things I will hold with me. Going the extra mile, and pushing through that last set will make you stronger than when you started.


This intensive was exactly what I needed to spark up the love I have not only for dancing but also for cross training. One of my favorite things about this program was how much we worked on upper body, core and leg strength. After the first week, I felt a difference in the way I could balance and turn because my core was getting stronger day by day. For me, when I feel stronger I dance with more confidence because I know my body is physically capable of what I am asked to do. I am leaving Philadelphia with the motivation to keep up the hard work and strength training to better my career.


Getting the opportunity to watch the company rehearse and perform was inspiring. I live for the opportunities to be surrounded by professional dancers because it pushes me and inspires me to move with a better sense of dynamic and quality that I do not always use. When I use those aspects in my dancing, I feel fulfilled because I approach each movement with a much better intention and discover things in my technique I never knew I could do. As artists, we are constantly growing and discovering and I can’t wait to be pushed everyday by the talent of other professional dancers and new teachers.


I am thankful I got the opportunity to gain knowledge and strength from such an amazing dance company. If there is one main thing I could take away from this program, it’s to always work your hardest and go beyond your full potential. Dancing small and timid will not get a dancer a job, but going above, dancing bigger than yourself and standing in the front with confidence will get you anywhere you want to be. Every correction, detail and thought I received I will never forget. I plan on taking everything I gained here with me as I approach my next summer intensive!


Next stop Montana! 

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